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Vegan “Hot Cheetos” & TASTE TEST

Hi friends! I have never had a hot cheeto. Can you believe it? I have had regular cheetos, cruchy cheetos but never a hot cheeto! They become popular several years after going vegan and I never had an opportunity to try one. They are currently one of the most popular snack foods among non vegans and I feel kind of left out. Thankfully, there are some products I’ve tried that give me that cheesy crunchy heat that I feel like I’m missing out on. Without further ado, here are a couple products I feel taste the most like “vegan hot cheetos.”

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Beanfields Cracklin Spicy Nacho Ok ok ok I know these are advertised as pork rinds. I’ve never had a pork rind. Much to my surprise, these reminded me so much of crunchy cheetos! They have a very nice heat to them. 10/10 would recommend. Check out the taste test video below to see our reactions to trying these.

World Peas Peatos Fiery Hot * These are the texture of crunchy cheetos, they do have a slight heat to them but they do taste a little like barbecue sauce. If you really want the cheeto taste, I would suggest dipping them in some vegan cheese sauce. Check out the taste test video below to see our thoughts and experiences.

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