Melt Cosmetics Vegan List (Cruelty-Free)

melt cosmetics vegan

Melt Cosmetics is a cruelty-free beauty brand with a ton of vegan options. They are available on their own website as well as a limited selection from Sephora. Here is a full list of all the vegan products from Melt Cosmetics.

Please note that the products on these lists are subject to change. Ingredients in beauty products change often and it is difficult to keep up with the changes. Please feel free to do your own research by reading ingredient lists and reaching out to the brands to cross-check information.

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Melt Cosmetics Vegan Products

Eyeshadow Palettes

Blueprint Palette
Four Twenty Palette
Gun Metal Stack
Rust Palette
Smoke Sessions Palette
Twenty Seven Palette

Eye Makeup

1987 Eye Pencil
420 Eye Pencil
Baked Eye Pencil
Columbia Eye Pencil
Cultural Gel Liner
Filth Eye Pencil
Fortuna Gel Liner
Ghastly Eye Pencil
Golden Ticket Eye Pencil
Montauk Eye Pencil
Neutral Browns Petite Stack
Ok Boomer Gel Liner
Onyx Gel Liner
Porcelina Eye Pencil
Prissy Gel Liner
Roselense Eye Pencil
RX Queen Eye Pencil
Slate Gel Liner
Spliff Gel Liner
Steel Gel Liner
Supernatural Lash Mascara
Wallflower Gel Liner

Face Products

Bawdy Blush
Buzz Kill Blush
Cali Dream Blush
Cali Dream Cream Blushlight
The Cream Sculpt Stack
Daydreamer Cream Blushlight
Electra Blushlight
Genesis Highlight
Ghostlight Blushlight
Golden Hour Cream Blushlight
Gold Ore Highlight
Honey Thief Blush
Honey Thief Cream Blushlight
Iluminacion Highlight
Lynx Blushlight
Lynx Cream Blushlight
Morning Star Highlight
Nova Highlight
Polished Cream Blushlight
Queen Bee Blush
Raw Honey Blush
Sandy Cheek’s Cream Blushlight
The Sculpt Stack
Shadowplay Blushlight
Stargazer Highlight
Sundown Blushlight
Sundown Cream Blushlight

Lip Products

1942 Lip Gloss
1979 Lip Pencil
6Six6 Lipstick
710 Lipstick
Ambrosia Lip Pencil
Amulet Lip Gloss
Atomic Liquid Lipstick
B-Movie Liquid Lipstick
Bane Lipstick
Bare Lip Pencil
Belladonna 2 Lipstick
Bellastona Liquid Lipstick
Blindfold Lip Pencil
Bloodwine Lipstick
Breathless Liquid Lipstick
By Starlight Lipstick
Caffeine Lip Pencil
Cashmere Lip Pencil
Catsuit Lipstick
Cherried Lipstick
Chestnut Liquid Lipstick
Chick Habit Liquid Lipstick
Cinder Lip Pencil
Cinnamon Lip Pencil
Circuit Liquid Lipstick
Cookie Cutter Liquid Lipstick
Dark Room Lipstick
Death Cherry Liquid Lipstick
Deviant Lip Gloss
Dreamboy Liquid Lipstick
Earthling Liquid Lipstick
Ebony Liquid Lipstick
Ecstacy Lip Pencil
Edible Lip Pencil
Evoke Lip Gloss
Ex Liquid Lipstick
Fawn Liquid Lipstick
Foxy Lip Pencil
French Kiss Lip Pencil
Frisky Lipstick
Fuse Liquid Lipstick
Ginger Liquid Lipstick
Golden Liquid Lipstick
Gwendolyn Liquid Lipstick
Handcuff Lip Pencil
Hex Lip Pencil
Immoral Liquid Lipstick
Janice Liquid Lipstick
Jinx Lip Pencil
Kink Lip Pencil
Laced Lipstick
Lady Like Liquid Lipstick
Last Kiss Lipstick
Latex Lip Pencil
Lucretia Lipstick
Lurk Lip Gloss
Mellon Collie Liquid Lipstick
Modest Lip Pencil
Mota Lipstick
Mum Lipstick
Mya Liquid Lipstick
Nood Lipstick
Novelty Lipstick
Old Fashioned Lipstick
Old Rose Lipstick
On-The-Go Lipstick
Overkill Lip Gloss
Pink Heels Lipstick
Poser Liquid Lipstick
Purr Liquid Lipstick
Rebound Liquid Lipstick
ROC Liquid Lipstick
Santeria Lip Pencil
Scandal Lip Pencil
Sidni Liquid Lipstick
Sepia Lip Penil
Sequel Liquid Lipstick
Skintight Lip Pencil
Space Cake Lipstick
Summer! Lipstick
Superheat Liquid Lipstick
Thrill Lip Pencil
Toke Liquid Lipstick
Tomboy Lipstick
Velvet Room Liquid Lipstick
Voyeur Lipstick


All Melt Cosmetics brushes are vegan!

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Thank you for using the affiliate links and codes in this post, it helps me with a small compensation so I can provide more content.

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